ABA Consultation Services

The ABA-based Parent Consultation Services focus specifically on assisting parents and guardians in handling skill deficits or behavioral excesses in children that general parenting strategies are insufficient to address.  These services are provided in the home or community, and are available for children up to 18 years of age.

ABA services start with a functional assessment.   A behavior plan is developed that emphasizes antecedent manipulation (changes to the environment), skill acquisition, and reinforcement to optimize the likelihood of success.  

  • All services provided in the home or community
  • Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) provides information about why the child is behaving in a particular manner
  • Goals developed for both child and caregiver based on unique situation
  • Family thoroughly trained on implementation of behavior plans
  • Ongoing measurement of progress with modifications to plan as necessary
  • Level of services determined by needs of family  

Parent Education Program

Alta Families teaches parents and caregivers a wide array of parenting strategies, with guidance on implementing them in their own homes. 

The Parent Education Program is tailored to families of children diagnosed with, or showing signs of, an autism spectrum or related disorder.  Parents learn to:

  • Increase positive interactions with your child
  • Teach basic skills including language, play, self-help, and independence
  • Create successful environments with structure, routines, and visual supports
  • Use strategies to prompt desired behavior before problems occur
  • Handle challenging behaviors including tantrums and non-compliance

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Alta Families understands that every family is unique.  We work with parents to find the tools that will work best for them.  If a strategy doesn’t seem to be working, we are there to figure out why.   

Together we find a solution.