ABA Consultation Services

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) services provided in the home or community.

Services include:

  • In-home observations & assessment 
  • Individually tailored plans
  • Function-based plans for challenging behaviors
  • Individualized strategies for skill deficits
  • Ongoing assessment of strategies
  • Training and support for caregivers

Parent Education Program

Our most comprehensive program.  This program combines group meetings and  in-home, individually-tailored services.  

Parents will learn to:

  • Play and interact with their child
  • Improve their child’s eye contact 
  • Help their child communicate
  • Teach basic skills to their child
  • Create a home environment that sets the stage for success
  • Handle common parenting challenges

Alta Families Assists Parents

Alta Families teaches a wide range of parenting strategies, and helps each family discover the best strategies for them.  We assist families of children exhibiting challenging behaviors, or who have language delays, learning disabilities, or autism spectrum disorder.  

The Alta Families team includes professionals with direct experience working with children facing learning or behavioral challenges, using strategies based on the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA).

 Alta Families believes that developing your skills as a parent is an important tool for fostering the skills of your child.






Our mission is to build an environment in which every individual thrives, one family at a time.