Our Background 


Carmen and I met while providing intensive applied behavior analysis (ABA) services to young children with autism and learning delays.  With our extensive experience and expertise working with children with special needs, we decided to bring our knowledge and skills to parents.

Together, we have created a program based on the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) to teach parents useful skills for raising a child with special needs.  We know that reading parenting tips online, watching videos, or attending workshops is often not enough to bring meaningful change to families.  Instead, we offer opportunities for practice, in-home coaching, and ample support as families adjust to raising a child with special needs.

We believe that parents confident in their parenting skills are among the best teachers their children will ever have, and the best advocates for them throughout their lives.

Carol, President and CEO




Carol J. McPheters, MS, BCBA

Carol received doctoral-level training in applied behavior analysis (ABA) at Caldwell University, where she is currently completing the dissertation requirements for her doctorate degree. While at Caldwell University, Carol had the privilege of learning from innovators in the treatment of autism and passionate advocates for the rights and needs of individuals with special needs.

Carol’s interest in applied behavior analysis (ABA) began while working with Dr. Ivar Lovaas, as an undergraduate at UCLA. Dr. Lovaas pioneered the use of behavioral strategies in remediating skill deficits and challenging behavior in individuals with autism, and sparked Carol’s interest in this field.  

Carol earned her master’s degree in applied behavior analysis (ABA) from California State University, Los Angeles and has been a Board Certified Behavior Analyst since 2009.

Carol believes that behavior makes sense, and is skilled at determining why an individual is having difficulties. Understanding the “why” allows her to develop effective solutions.  

Carol has worked in the field of applied behavior analysis (ABA) since 2001. In that time, she has served many roles. She began as a direct interventionist providing intensive services, and quickly became the supervisor of cases. She has been responsible for overseeing and mentoring other behavior analysts, and providing consultation on challenging cases. In addition, Carol has mentored master’s students in conducting research, and has taught undergraduate students as an Adjunct Professor of Psychology.



Carmen Taylor, MA, MFT Registered Intern

Carmen is a registered Marriage and Family Intern supervised by Laura Stuver-Harris, LCSW. Carmen received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from UCSD, and completed her master’s degree in marriage and family therapy at Alliant International University.

Carmen has worked for a non-profit agency providing preventative and treatment services to children and their families. She has also facilitated parenting groups to support parents in promoting problem-solving skills, as well as emotional and social competence.

Prior to her work in counseling, Carmen spent 7 years providing intensive ABA services to children on the autism spectrum and their families.  

Carmen’s interest in working with individuals on the autism spectrum is a personal one, having raised two boys diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. This gives her a unique perspective on the challenges that parents face.

With her experience as an intern practicing family therapy, and her experience providing ABA services, Carmen strives to guide families in reestablishing meaningful relationships between parents and children, their families, and the community as a whole.